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How to use magic cards and know your future.

Magic cards are so accurate at "seeing your future or destiney"< it's almost uncanny. However, in order to experience these results, you've got to understand a few things about magic cards...beginning with the "type" of Tarot cards that will give you the best results and some of them are Aquariun deck, Hanson Roberts deck, Rider Waite deck, Robin Wood deck, a wonderful beginner Tarot deck and others.

The origin of magic cards is a little bit of a secret and can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The first "known" magic cards were seen in 13th century. They were used for gambling at first, but later were used to see the future after discovering some magical properties in them.

I have been contacted by many people around the world for this magic cards and knots for love because there is no other card reader who has power and ability to read and train you on how to become a powerful witch doctor or spell caster who can interpret them.

How to use a fairy knot spell for love.

The fairy knot spell for love can be made from a knot from a jasmine tree branch with two pieces of your eye lashes and love attraction oil made from lavender tree. This spell is powerful whereby within few nights whatever you wished for shall be achieved and here are the steps to perform thsi spell;

  • Step a. At a basic altar setup, dress the jasmine knot with your love attraction oil.
  • Step b. Make a braid with your 3 strands of hair.
  • Step c. Tie the small braid to the jasmine knot with red thread.
  • Step d. Place the jasmine knot inside a pink nylon bag, and sleep with it under your bed. Then wait for a new lover to come into your life if at all he is the one you wished to have.
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